Aug 142016

My wife and I are always looking for new restaurants.  We recently moved to Kempen, Germany and have found a little gem of a restaurant in Venlo, The Netherlands, just across the German border.  We were visiting a local night spot in Venlo one day, and we asked the bartender where we could find good Sushi in Venlo.  Without hesitation he recommended the Motown Music Cafe.  He said you’ve got to go and see Eddie.  He makes fantastic Sushi there.  So here are some pics of our first visit to the Motown Music Café.  Sushi Chef Eddie Siang offers some of the best and most creative Sushi creations that I have ever had the pleasure of eating.  His Sushi rolls are more than an wonderful culinary experience; they are magnificent examples of creativity and his love for the art of preparing Sushi.

Motown Music Cafe - Unagi Roll and Salmon Roll

Motown Music Cafe – Unagi Roll and Salmon Roll

Motown Music Cafe - Tsunami Roll

Motown Music Cafe – Tsunami Roll

The restaurant has a Motown Music theme and sits on a beautiful square in downtown Venlo.  Around the corner from the restaurant is a lovely inner harbour near the river Maas.  If you’re ever in the area near Venlo and are looking for a really special Sushi experience, I highly recommend the Motown Music Café.  Eddie’s Sushi is available for dinner only; usually after 6:00 p.m.

Motown Music Café
Oude Markt 8
5911HG Venlo
Telephone: +31-614687824
Nov 112012

A friend of ours recommended this Indonesian restaurant in Utrecht to us and I am sure glad that he did.  We made a reservation for the early seating ( 6 to 8:45 p.m.).  The second seatin goes from 9:00 to 11:45.

Restaurant Blauw offers a variety of Indonesian specialties.  They offer a trio of rice tables (rijsttafels) – meat, fish, vegetarian which are very popular.  My wife opted for the vegetarian rice table.  I selected the Daging Rendang, which is one of my favorite Indonesian dishes.  Both meals came with a variety of Indonesian side dishes, vegetables and rice which literally covered the whole table.  The Rendang was unbelievable – delicious chunks of beef that had been marinated and slowly cooked in Indonesian spices.  It was hot and spicy – just the way it should be.

If you would like to try authentic Indonesian cuisine, I can highly recommend restaurant Blauw.  They have locations in both Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Restaurant Blauw Utrecht
Springweg 64
3511 VT Utrecht
Telephone: 31 (0)30-234 24 63



Nov 112012

Located just a few steps off the Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt Square), Brasserie FLO is a wonderful French restaurant with an excellent menu and wine list.  If you like fresh seafood, i.e. Le Plateau de Fruits de Mer, this is the place.  When entering the restaurant you will pass the display of all the fresh seafood of the day.  Yummy.

I had the French onion soup for a starter.  It was excellent with an aged cheese baked over the top and filled with onions in a hearty broth.  I selected another appetizer as my main course, a house smoked salmon served over warm potato salad with a mustard sabayon.  Delicious!  If you like smoked salmon, you will love this dish.  My wife had the vegetarian cannelloni with spinach and mushrooms and a morel sauce.  She thought the dish was amazing.  It was artfully presented and the taste was superb.

They have a very nice French wine list.  We started with a glass of Chablis and then enjoyed a glass of Cote de Rhone with our main courses.

We used all the restraint we could muster not to have dessert.  But I must say the dessert menu was filled with lovely French specialties.

When visiting Amsterdam, I can highly recommend a visit to Brasserie FLO.

Brasserie FLO
Amstelstraat 9
1017 DA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone: 31 (0)20-890 47 57

Visit there website at: