Are you looking for a good Japanese Sushi restaurant in Düsseldorf, then give Yabase a try.  My friend and I enjoy both Sushi and Sashimi.  We have been to other Japanese restaurants in Düsseldorf and we are always looking for something new.  So we thought we would give Yabase a try.  The food here is excellent.  The Sushi and Sashimi are very fresh.  The restaurant has a nice selection of Sake (both warm and cold) to accompany your meal.  We both started off with a Sashimi plate.  There was a nice selection of Sashimi on our plates and with more variety than I’ve seen at other restaurants in the area.  Next we ordered mixed Sushi plates.  I prefer mostly salmon and my friend likes a mix of various Nigiri Sushi.  Both plates were excellent.  Everything was very fresh and very tasty.  More Sake please!  Reservations made several days in advance are an absolute must!

Yabase Sashimi Plate
Yabase Nigiri Sushi Plate


Klosterstraße 70
40211 Düsseldorf
Telephone: +49 211 362677
Hours: 12:00 – 14:00, 18:30 – 22:00, Monday closed
Telephone: +49 211 362677
Website: http://yabase-ddf.com

Tokyo House

Nigiri Sushi Tokyo House Japanese Restaurant

I am a big fan of sushi and my son is also.  So while visiting my son in Raleigh, North Carolina I asked him if he had a recommendation for a good sushi restaurant.  He suggested that we go to Tokyo House.  We were able to get in without a reservation and we asked for seats at the sushi bar.  We had a great experience there.  The restaurant has a loyal group of customers many of whom shared there admiration for the restaurant and it’s owner while we were there.  We both ordered Nigiri sushi dinners which came with soup and salad.  The sushi was excellent; very fresh and well presented.  So this s just the prelude to the real review.

Vegan Sushi Dinner Tokyo House

On another trip to Raleigh my wife joined us for dinner at Tokyo House.  My wife is a vegan so she asked the server if the restaurant could make her a vegan sushi entree.  The owner came over to the table and said that he could prepare something special for her.  And from the photo you can see that it was truly special.  My wife loved it.  A beautiful presentation of vegan sushi – all vegetables with rice and seaweed, some special sauces and lots of care.

I had the typical nigiri entree once again and it was also outstanding.  All the fish was very fresh, beautiful sliced and perfectly presented.  For personalised service and excellent food it doesn’t get any better than the Tokyo House Japanese Restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina.  If you’re in the Raleigh area and are looking for an excellent sushi restaurant, I highly recommend the Tokyo House.  Let David Lee and his excellent staff prepare you an authentic Japanese sushi dinner that you will truly remember.

Tokyo House Japanese Restaurant
7439 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27615
Telephone: (984) 212-8416
Website: www.tokyohousesushi.com