My wife had been wanting to try this restaurant in Venlo, The Netherlands for some time.  We decided to book a reservation for Valentines Day.

Soft shell crab

The restaurant offered a special Valentines menu for the evening, but my wife is a vegan, so the menu was not suitable for her.  Fortunately the Sous Chef was more than able to prepare an excellent vegan four-course menu for my wife.

The evening was absolutely spectacular.  The Sous Chef came out with every course and explained to both of us what they had prepared.  I have to say that this restaurant is on a Michelin Star level.  The food was absolutely spectacular, the wine pairings were spot on and the service was absolutely first rate.


If you get the chance to visit the charming town of Venlo, The Netherlands please give this restaurant a try. I believe you will be very pleased.

A fabulous dessert
Oude Markt 30
5911 HH Venlo
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 77 320 7234
Hours: Open Thursday & Friday from 16:00 to midnight and Saturday & Sunday from 12:00 to midnight, closed Monday through Wednesday


Motown Music Cafe

My wife and I are always looking for new restaurants.  We recently moved to Kempen, Germany and have found a little gem of a restaurant in Venlo, The Netherlands, just across the German border.  We were visiting a local night spot in Venlo one day, and we asked the bartender where we could find good Sushi in Venlo.  Without hesitation he recommended the Motown Music Cafe.  He said you’ve got to go and see Eddie.  He makes fantastic Sushi there.  So here are some pics of our first visit to the Motown Music Café.  Sushi Chef Eddie Siang offers some of the best and most creative Sushi creations that I have ever had the pleasure of eating.  His Sushi rolls are more than an wonderful culinary experience; they are magnificent examples of creativity and his love for the art of preparing Sushi.

Motown Music Cafe - Unagi Roll and Salmon Roll
Motown Music Cafe – Unagi Roll and Salmon Roll
Motown Music Cafe - Tsunami Roll
Motown Music Cafe – Tsunami Roll

The restaurant has a Motown Music theme and sits on a beautiful square in downtown Venlo.  Around the corner from the restaurant is a lovely inner harbour near the river Maas.  If you’re ever in the area near Venlo and are looking for a really special Sushi experience, I highly recommend the Motown Music Café.  Eddie’s Sushi is available for dinner only; usually after 6:00 p.m.

Motown Music Café
Oude Markt 8
5911HG Venlo
Telephone: +31-614687824